1914 to Today: A Memphis Legacy of Organ Music

The final concert in our Centennial Concert Series is presented in tribute to our Memphis AGO predecessors. We wish to honor those who founded and sustained our Chapter.

Organ Console at Lindenwood Christian Church

The concert is being held Monday, April 7, 2014, 7:30 p.m., at LindenWood Christian Church.

Visit our Cenntennial page for additional details.

Jane Gamble, Centennial Committee Chair

What an exhilarating experience to chair the committee formed to plan and organize the celebration of 100 years of the AGO in Tennessee!

My thanks goes out to each member of the Centennial Committee! For the last four years, we have met, dreamed, pondered, investigated, written letters, made phone calls -- embroiled in the tremendous effort of planning a celebration of this magnitude.

We feel that our efforts have borne magnificent fruit, and present them to you in recognition of the importance of the American Guild of Organists to us as individuals, as members of one of the six AGO chapters in Tennessee, and as part of a great national organization.

Eva McPeters, AGO Memphis Chapter Dean

These are exciting times as we celebrate our past, our present, and our future with the programs and events orchestrated by our Centennial Committee. Programs and events that highlight–

Composers long before our time,
and those in our midst

Young musicians whose musical journey
has been furthered by chapter scholarships

Performers from our chapter, our city,
our state; performers of world renown

Instruments that inspire us
and remind us of our reasons to celebrate

To the Centennial Committee, thank you for your tireless efforts to ensure a celebration worthy of our great organization.

To all who graciously donated, to the Centennial Fund thank you for your generous contributions. Without your financial support the events of this year would not be possible.

AGO Memphis is a local chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO), the national professional association serving the organ and choral music fields.

The Chapter was chartered February 1914 as the Tennessee Chapter and rechartered in 1954 as the Memphis Chapter, the Original Tennessee Chapter.

Programs are open to the public and free. We welcome you to join us anytime. Visit our programs page for a schedule.

Membership is open to anyone. Music skill is not required, only interest. Visit our membership page to learn more.