The Executive Committee election will be held April 9...

Our Chapter's Slate of Nominees for officer positions 2018-2019, announced at our March 5th meeting, includes:

  • Dean - André Duvall
  • Sub‐Dean – Angela Saunders
  • Recording Secretary – Ty Legge
  • Treasurer – Fred Bickel
  • Registrar – Brian Campbell
  • Member-at-Large (through 2021) – Walton Griffin

Election: Ballots will be distributed to Chapter members, and votes tallied at our April 9th meeting. Ballots may be also distributed for online voting submission after April 4.

Nominations "from the floor" can be accepted and placed on the ballot through April 4. See **The fine print below for details.

**The fine print...

                    Officer nominees for 2018-19 to be proposed.

                    Our Chapter Nominating Committee will present a slate of nominees for the 2018-2019 year
                    at our General Meeting on March 5th. Voting ballots will be made available by or at our meeting in April.

                    Others may join nominee slate using bylaws procedure:

                        Within the 30 days following our March 5th presentation of the slate,
                        additional nominees may be proposed from the floor (for us, that would be via email announcement)
                        in accordance with our Chapter bylaws:

                    "The process of nominating by qualified petition is:
                        any additional nominations for filling an expired term may be made from the floor with a
                        petition signed by five (5) (voting) members of the Chapter in good standing,
                        submitting same petition to the Chapter Secretary within thirty (30) days of the announcement
                        of the slate to Chapter membership."