AGO Memphis Members Available to Substitute

Members listed here are current active members of the Memphis Chapter of the AGO and abide by the Code of Ethics, conducting themselves in a professional manner. Please note: Inclusion on this list does not imply a certain level of musical training, keyboard skills, nor experience in any denomination. The Employer is responsible for ascertaining the suitability of any potential Substitute for their particular situation, and is expected to discuss specific details and requirements before an agreement is reached.

Church/Institution Employers:  Please contact the members on this list individually by phone or email, not by group email.

Guild Members:  Members must keep contact information current through ONCARD ( Once changes are made through ONCARD, guild members are asked to send a courtesy email to the Registrar. (Contact information below.) The Registrar will update membership status from National on a monthly basis. Changes will be reflected on this page.

When establishing a fee, take into consideration the time required for consultation, personal preparation, travel and rehearsal with others in addition to the time to perform. Fees should be discussed early on with the representative of the church/institution, with an understanding reached by both parties on the amount paid and the services to be rendered. Members should respond in a timely manner to inquiries for their services.

For updates or changes to this list contact Chapter Registrar, Brian Campbell,

For questions or advice on substituting, contact Chapter Placement Coordinator, Jane Scharding Smedley, Placement Coordinator,

To print or download the list, click here.

Gary Beard Sunday Morning 901.324.1176 901.458.1652
Phil Brown Wedding, Funeral 662.342.1334 901.604.7604 901.527.8362
Andre Duvall Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 501.650.3156 901.685.8253
Scott Elsholz Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral
Wesley Emerson Wedding, Funeral 901.725.7688 901.272.7425
William Aaron Foster Funeral 901.537.3550 901.487.6083 901.454.1131
Jane Gamble Wedding, Funeral 901.827.7909 901.767.6987
Joseph Garrison Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 662.701.7913 662.234.1757
Nancy Graham Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.484.8502
Walton Griffin Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Funeral 901.767.3949 901.636.4104
Mary Elizabeth Griffith Sunday Morning, Wedding, Funeral 901.683.0236
Claire Hendrix-Julian Sunday Morning 901.337.9588
Martha Israel Funeral 901.327.7882 901.652.0609 901.525.1056
Kathryn Jean Jones Wedding, Funeral 901.384.7311 901.386.9763
Gregory Jones Sunday Evening, Funeral 901.831.9889
Lyn Joyner Wedding, Funeral 901.324.8208 901.351.8162 901.685.7333
Kelly Kramer Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.246.1311 901.323.3817
Tyrus Legge Wedding, Funeral 901.412.2388 901.743.6421
Kristin Lensch Wedding, Funeral 901.818.9219 901.312.5212
Melanie Marcom Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.672.8270 901.754.1204
Carolyn Mason Funeral 901.761.0557 901.326.0075 901.754.5195
Melisande Mccall Sunday Morning, Funeral 901.476.7869
Judith Carroll McClendon Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.382.8411
Christopher Nemec Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.301.4278 901.458.1652
Barry Oliver Wedding, Funeral 901.679.4102 901.679.4102
John Palmer Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.568.9398
Vicki Person Wedding, Funeral 901.754.0669 901.262.3656
Debbie Smith Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 901.299.9313 901.299.9313
Jones Stephenmoses Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Funeral 614.598.9858 614.598.9858 614.598.9858
John Powel Walsh Sunday Morning, Sunday Evening, Wedding, Funeral 314.503.3690 314.503.3690

This list was last updated September 20, 2017.